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REEF .. Light and Healthy

We joined hands as we envisioned the road back to nature and traditions and hence, we spread our message through "The return to our ancestors’ bread". We are proud to be the pioneers in producing healthy bread of great quality and 100% natural ingredients with no preservatives or added colors. With gratitude.... REEF Bread is now internationally available in the markets of Jordan, Iraq, Kwait and in the United Arab Emirates.

Company’s philosophy and Goal
To solve the dilemma between healthy and tasty.
The reef has created and abides its own company philosophy:
to preserve century-old traditions and recipes of baking
mainly used by Grandma’s; and to keep the delicious flavor
and excellent quality of its famous products and with its
unique recipes.

Numbers Speak For Themselves!

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WE are proud to offer a healthy and tasty bread that meets the expectation of healthy customers.
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HACCP food safety certification

The factory is located in Amman and is HACCP & EN ISO 9001:2005 certified

Reaching Healthy Life Style Globally

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